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Whether you have a toothache, missing teeth, or just need a simple teeth cleaning, the friendly and experienced staff at Dentist on Kingsway can take care of you with ease and comfort.

Dentist on Kingsway offers a wide array of procedures to accommodate your dental health needs.

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One of the most common procedures performed on Vancouver patients is the instalment of sealants. Dental sealants can help prevent tooth decay by forming a long-lasting shield for your enamel.


What Are Sealants?

A dental sealant is a plastic coating applied to the surface of the tooth or teeth to help prevent decay.

Sealants are commonly applied to the back of the teeth, molars, and premolars.

Your dentist will likely start the procedure with a cleaning.

He or she will then likely roughen up the surface of your teeth to help the sealant bond to the tooth, which is then rinsed and dried again.

Your dentist will then paint sealant onto the tooth, where it bonds directly and hardens. Sometimes a special light is used to help the sealant harden.


What is the Process for Sealants?

Sealants are painted on to harden in place, forming a shield for the enamel of the tooth.

Your dentist will first clean and dry the teeth, placing a cotton ball next to the tooth to keep it dry. The tooth must first be cleaned because sealant will not bond well to a dirty tooth.

By placing a small brush on the end of a dental drill, your dentist can scrub out any debris on or in the grooves of the tooth.

If your dentist decides that the tooth isn’t quite clean enough, there are two options for finishing the job.

  1. Air abrasion – involves using a small machine to blast high pressure air at your teeth in order to blow away debris.
  2. Dental drill – A dental drill can also be used to buff out any remaining debris.

Etching is then performed to roughen the surface of the tooth in preparation for the sealant.

Sealant will then be carefully painted on and hardened over the course of about 60 seconds.

A curing light will likely be applied to speed up this process.


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What are the Costs of Dental Sealants?

More often children and teens get dental sealants than adults, but adults can still benefit from them. Patients wallets can also benefit from dental sealants as they can start as low as $35 only reach $60 per tooth with good insurance. A great aspect of sealants is that they are effectively preventing tooth decay and cavities unlike fillings which are only used once there is an existing cavity or decay. Sealants are also less costly than dental fillings.The cost of sealants varies due to fact that there are many different insurance companies and plans, which tooth or teeth are going to be sealed, and your location.

Why are Dental Sealants applied?

Different dental procedures have many different effects on the mouth. Dental sealants for example are applied before a cavity can form. They are to protect the teeth from decay. This prevents more in depth procedures from taking place in the future.

Do Dental Sealants Hurt?

Many people think that going to the dentist is a painful process. Getting a sealant involves etching a rough surface on your tooth. That being said the process is painless. This is because the etching does not reach the gums or nerve of the tooth.

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