Dental Hygiene Services in Vancouver

Dental hygiene services are a large part of what allows dentists to provide quality treatment without obstruction.

Most Vancouver patients will meet with a dental hygienist at Dentist on Kingsway before meeting with their dentist.

The dental hygienist may provide a number of services which clean, clear, and prepare the teeth for better oral health and a more thorough examination.

Neglecting to regularly maintain your dental hygiene, however, makes your hygienist’s job more difficult, leading to longer appointments, and the possibility of discomfort during your cleaning.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the treatments available to enhance your dental hygiene.


Types of Dental Hygienic Treatments Available

One of the most common dental hygienic treatments available is a professional teeth cleaning.

This thorough cleaning is an effective way to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and the loss of your tooth enamel.

Periodontal treatment is similar to professional tooth cleaning and involves a thorough cleaning of the mouth as a whole to promote healthy gums and provide quality overall care for your oral health.

Fluoride treatment is another common dental hygienic treatment. With this treatment, your teeth receive a coating of concentrated fluoride to strengthen them against decay.


Schedule for Regular Hygienic Treatments

Vancouver patients should schedule an appointment for professional dental hygiene services with the experts at Dentist on Kingsway every six months.

This will help promote effective and lasting dental health. It will also help the staff at Dentist on Kingsway detect early signs of dental illnesses and maladies.

Regular dental hygienic treatments, in combination with diligent and disciplined at-home maintenance, will guarantee you are doing everything you can do to maintain the best possible dental health and hygiene regardless of any habits or lifestyle choices you have which may promote or accelerate decay.


Consult With a Dentist Today

Our seasoned dental hygienists have been helping Vancouver residents maintain optimal dental health through good hygiene for years.

If you’re ready to commit to lasting dental health with regular dental hygiene services, speak with our friendly staff and call us at (604) 558-2442 or request an appointment online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep up with my dental hygiene at home?

Being a dentist is not a requirement of good oral health. It’s easy to take care of your teeth at home and further promote the health of your teeth and gums. All you have to do is brush and rinse your teeth twice a day and floss everyday. Using a fluoridated mouthwash doesn’t hurt either.

What can I expect at a tooth cleaning?

When first arriving at our facilities your dentist will go over several things with you including your oral health history, an oral cancer screening, & an evaluation of your current oral health. Your dentist or dental hygienist will then likely clean stains, plaque, and tartar off your teeth, apply fluoride, and polish all your teeth.

How often should I visit my dentist?

Most dentists will say that you need to visit at least twice a year. This is generally a good number in order to maintain oral health and good oral hygiene.

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